The Quick Information:

  • Who: Everyone involved in any way with FIRST Robotics
  • What: Wear your FIRST-related shirts whenever you can this day! If you can’t fit it in, try to wear a hat/pin/etc.
  • When: First Friday of every October (October 5th for 2012)
  • Where: All around the world!
  • Why: Well, multiple reasons… mainly to spread FIRST around and get strangers to the program asking questions, but also to unite the world of FIRST participants together for a day – maybe a way of putting it is we all love competition and seeing our other FIRSTies all day so this is just another day to have fun and do that on a huge scale.

More Details:

FIRST Friday 2012 is October 5th! Last year in 2011 was the first annual event and it started off amazingly, but this year let’s kick it up even more!

No matter how you’re involved with FIRST, wear a FIRST shirt at some point on October 5th, 2012, so we can take the world by storm. FIRST logos should be everywhere… let’s make it so that people who aren’t involved with FIRST ask questions after seeing the logo and name all day. Spread the word! Invite everyone you know from FIRST! This is strategically in October because everyone’s back in school and work to show off their colors! Have work and no casual Fridays? Wear it before/after! Or even just wear it to bed to still get in the spirit of it.

If you have Facebook, you can get the details and and help a lot by spreading the word to get even more people to join in! Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/worldfirstfriday

INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW IN FIRST! FRC, FTC, FLL, Jr. FLL, volunteers, staff, sponsors who might have a shirt, parents, fans, everyone! Share this on all your social media sites and let’s get this thing going!

..and for your members who don’t have Facebook they can check out last year’s CD thread for now at http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1065405

Who Started It?:

Hey, that’s me! Name’s Genevieve, but all you need to know is that I’m just a lover of FIRST like you all are. I come from New Hampshire, I have been on FRC Team 1073 for all four years of high school, I’m a former Jr. FLL and FLL mentor and now I mentor FRC teams and volunteer at official and off-season events, so hope to see you all around!! You can follow me on Twitter at @Cheerleader1073.

2 responses to “About

  1. Can non-student, non-mentors buy shirts to support the team?

    –Michael Carr

    • worldfirstday

      Hey Mr. Carr, this is Gen from the team. I know we have a few of each size in the shop in pretty much all sizes so I would say tell tim what size shirt you want and he can get one for you at school at some point from Ms. Hay. They cost 5 dollars.

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