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Renamed and Revamped!

Howdy Everyone!

It’s almost that time of year again for a member-driven fun-filled campaign around the world for FIRST, something everyone can support. In September 2011 it was called “A World of FIRST Day”. This was a day set up so members of the FIRST organization, whether a team member, alum, volunteer, staffer, mentor, or supporter of FIRST could promote the organization by wearing a shirt, pin, or accessory to get the FIRST name out there. In other words, FIRST logos everywhere!

The idea was that people would see these logos and names and start asking questions and doing research. It’s an easy way for current supporters to promote the FIRST that they know and love even more throughout the world. Due to participant suggestions, this year and in the years to come this day will now be called “FIRST Friday”. This way, it’s easier to say, a little catchy, and the date will be easier to remember because this ‘holiday’ will always be the first friday of every October. This way it’s on a day where everyone’s back in school and at work, and it fits in for those who have ‘casual Friday’ at work to wear their FIRST shirts.

So what can you do? “Like” our shiny new Facebook page at, familiarize yourself with the objective again or for the first time if you’re new here, look out for new additions to our online presence (a central way to share photos of people in their FIRST gear coming soon!), and share, share, share it all with other FIRSTies, supporters, friends and family!! Use hashtag #firstfriday in combination with a popular one like #omgrobots to really get the idea out there when on Twitter!

By the way, thanks for a FANTASTIC first year of this last year. As you can see in the photo below, in just a couple months with this idea our Facebook event page reached nearly 5,500 attendees, 5,000 more invited, and reached even more who didn’t have Facebook through e-mail efforts and a Chief Delphi thread. THANKS! Can’t wait to get that many on our new Facebook page.

Thanks and more updates coming soon!Image


This is What It’s About

This is just awesome…

Someone saw their friend attend the event on Facebook who thenĀ checked out the page, didn’t know what FIRST was, so he asked. Someone else answered and gave him a link to the FIRST website, and now the kid who didn’t know is loving it! šŸ™‚

1,000 Strong on Facebook!

Woohoo! 1,000 people attending on Facebook in still less than 24 hours since inception! We’re still out to contact everyone out there, help us out by continuing to spread all the links around!

Also, we hit 1,000 at exactly 2:38 P.M. today – go Team 238… Crusin’ Crusaders from Manchester Memorial High School in Manchester, New Hampshire!


Quick post here!Ā Here’s a list of the best hashtags to use when sharing things about this on Twitter!

The Big Ones:

  • #omgrobots
  • #FIRST
  • #AWOFD

Also Widely Used, but More General:

  • #robotics
  • #robots
  • #edtech
  • #education
  • #FTC
  • #FRC
  • #FLL
  • #JFLL
  • #technology

A World of FIRST Day is Coming!

Hello Teams! (…and volunteers, spectators, enthusiasts, family, and friends of FIRST!)

Here we go!Ā A World of FIRST Day is coming up, and the buzz about it is already off to a great start! We’ve got posts on LinkedIn, a thread for this year’s event on Chief Delphi, people tweeting and retweeting all over Twitter, posting on Facebook, and e-mails going out to teams all over for this day so it’s bound to be big. This is our first post here on the blog for this event so I’ll just give you a few facts to start you off.

An overnight success: It hasn’t been 24 hours yet after starting this whole idea up yesterday, and we’re already up to 804 attendees on our Facebook event page at this moment. Together, people have invited 2,787 friends to the event so far. That happened after reaching out to only less than a third of 1% of all the teams out there!

We’re going annual: Aside from the immediate success, the comments and posts from people saying how they’re going to use this event for something bigger or how they think it will help FIRST or even the confidence of some of their students has made us go annual, so make sure you remember – September 14th!

Keep on the lookout for more posts! We’ll keep updating you with stories, quotes, whenever we’re in the media, and more!